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IRC Log for 2013-10-06

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[5:24] <jimbaker> topi`, i do recommend the pure jython version, https://code.google.com/p/jyjdbc/
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[6:33] <rigel> hi, i'm trying to figure out how to compile my script and pull in associated libs to distribute the thing as a standalone jar file
[6:33] <rigel> and the jythonbook isnt that helpful
[6:40] <sinistersnare> rigel: there is work going on for a tool called clamp
[6:40] <sinistersnare> which is supposed to be a successor to jythonc, along with that, a tool is being developed to create jars of jython projects
[6:40] <sinistersnare> ok bed time
[6:40] <rigel> ok. but how do i do this now
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[6:41] <sinsnare|zzZZzz> sorry got to go
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[12:13] <topi`> rigel: read the README in github.com/jimbaker/clamped
[12:14] <topi`> that's an example of how to call your python from java code
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[14:52] <topi`> more odd issues. ImportError: No module named math
[14:53] <topi`> although this is, afaik, a built-in module in jython ... since I can fire jython interpreter, take everything off of sys.path, and import math still works
[16:06] <topi`> regarding the above, I can't reproduce it any longer. Wonder how it occurred.
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[22:06] <rigel> it looks like i was using some libs that are not easily replaced in jython
[22:06] <rigel> specifically lxml
[22:06] <rigel> :/
[22:07] <rigel> i would have to rewrite some portions of my code to be compilable under jython
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