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[9:05] <Disconsented> This may sound a little weird but I want to use Jython for making mods for minecraft. Does anyone know of any reason what that won't and/or have any jython specific information than can help me?
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[11:28] <topi`> jimbaker: should test the buffer support with twisted; hopefully it will negate the need for my codepath fixes in Twisted.
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[13:09] <topi`> very odd error messages from (recent) virtualenv:
[13:09] <topi`> IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'jyenv/jython.jar/Lib/site.py'
[13:09] <topi`> from: virtualenv -p jython jyenv
[13:10] <topi`> anyone seenthis before? I've already seen the ERROR: virtualenv is not compatible with this system or executable
[13:10] <topi`> but this is something different.
[13:14] <topi`> hmm... I know that part of jython's slowness comes from the fact that in order to do things like math.sin(x) makes multiple PyObject lookups
[13:14] <topi`> so, what about a static "compiler"-like thing that autoconverts math.sin() -> java.lang.Math.sin()
[13:15] <topi`> obviously, not all translations would be trivial.
[13:16] <topi`> like, urllib2.urlopen -> java.net.URL
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[19:56] <sinistersnare> jimbaker: https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/wiki/Using-libgdx-with-Python id love some input if youre free :D
[20:01] <topi`> sinistersnare: which version virtualenv did you use with jython?
[20:01] <topi`> you can check it with virtualenv --version
[20:01] <sinistersnare> i didnt even use virtlanenv :p
[20:01] <sinistersnare> i just made a pydev project
[20:01] <sinistersnare> put in the libs and added them to my PYTHONPATH, entered the code, and hti run
[20:19] <topi`> right.
[20:19] <topi`> I want to use virtualenv, just to isolate my install from other jython installs
[20:19] <topi`> and I'm trying to write a tutorial about getting django running under jython2.7 so I want to create a virtualenv
[20:20] <sinistersnare> topi`: im not jython expert, but could you just use the standalone jar file?
[20:20] <sinistersnare> the package management would be a different mess that i dont know :p
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