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[4:02] <jimbaker> it is sort of unfortunate we use JYTHONPATH
[4:03] <jimbaker> on the other hand, package installation (along with virtualenv) is probably the right solution anwyay
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[7:32] <topi`> virtualenv is good
[7:33] <topi`> sinsnare|zzZZzz: you don't need sys.path.append('.') since the curdir is in the JYTHONPATH already
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[16:29] <topi`> it sure looks like my Django site is responsible for the memory leaking in Tomcat, according its "Find leaks" feature. I've read some articles about how classloaders can leave "dangling" classes that will eventually clog PermGen space.
[16:30] <topi`> how would I proceed in finding out why Jython/Django leaks memory?
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[16:35] <Scorp1us> Long time Python user, first time Jython user. What is wrong here? java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/http/HttpServletResponse
[16:39] <topi`> Scorp1us: if I remember correctly, your PythonInterpreter class cannot be found
[16:39] <topi`> it should be in CLASSPATH
[16:43] <Scorp1us> no joy. I tried set CLASSPATH=c:\jython2.5.4rc1\jython.jar
[16:44] <Scorp1us> i even thew it in sys.path
[16:47] <Scorp1us> can someone help with some basic questions about: http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/SimpleWebApps.html
[16:49] <Scorp1us> It seems right around list 13-1 that it assumes some knowledge that I do not have.
[16:49] <topi`> Scorp1us: if you just want to get started painlessly, you should use Modjy as the WSGI gateway
[16:49] <topi`> that's a rather easy setup. and if you use Django, you can just do jython manage.py war
[16:49] <Scorp1us> no django
[16:49] <topi`> which will package your stuff as a .war for deploying on tomcat or other containers
[16:49] <Scorp1us> btu I do like painless
[16:50] <topi`> that .war actually has Modjy as the launching point
[16:50] <Scorp1us> how does my deployment woek flow? I'm used to editing a .py and then invoking it
[16:50] <Scorp1us> do I need to stop a server, generate a war copy it, resart the server everytime while developing a webapp?
[16:51] <topi`> I need to do that, since I don't have a root account on the server I'm deploying on ;)
[16:51] <topi`> I guess it *would* be possible to grok those .py files inside the webapps dir and just stop/start
[16:51] <Scorp1us> i'm on winblows
[16:52] <topi`> no matter what you're on, if you can't write to those files in the webapps/ dir, then no go
[16:52] <Scorp1us> but if I can?
[16:53] <Scorp1us> I'm using Webtoolkit, not django
[16:56] <Scorp1us> I'm also trying the sample, and I get ImportError: No module named servlet
[17:01] <topi`> that's a java module import, so your CLASSPATH affects that
[17:02] <Scorp1us> Well how do i figure out what I need to add?
[17:02] <topi`> you can also try setting classpath via the java command - something like java -jar jython.jar -cp mypath
[17:09] <Scorp1us> I get that
[17:10] <Scorp1us> I don't get what file I need to add to it
[17:19] <Scorp1us> Any help?
[17:28] <Scorp1us> Is there a mailing list?
[17:29] <Scorp1us> I need help
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[17:36] <topi`> indeed you do :) wait until some of our veterans come online
[17:36] <topi`> they'll be able to answer windows-specific questions
[17:37] <topi`> but I do remember I had the same error message when trying that Simple Web Apps chapter
[17:51] <Scorp1us> its just like, some jar file I need to include
[19:02] <jimbaker> you cannot do both -jar and -cp
[19:02] <jimbaker> -jar will cause java to ignore any classpath options
[19:05] <Scorp1us> So that seems to be it, it ignores the classpath
[19:05] <Scorp1us> i still can't figure this out though
[19:07] <Scorp1us> 1. it does not tell me where to get server-api.jar
[19:09] <Scorp1us> brb
[19:10] <jimbaker> Scorp1us, you could start with this re servlet-api.jar - in general, you should find it w/ your container - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8521851/where-do-i-get-servlet-api-jar-from
[19:10] <jimbaker> such as tomcat or jetty
[19:11] <jimbaker> this seems to be pretty useful - http://wiki.eclipse.org/Jetty/Tutorial/Jetty_HelloWorld
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[19:18] <Scorp1us_> so slighly better
[19:18] <Scorp1us_> it serves the JythonServlet1.py file. As is though.
[19:20] <Scorp1us_> it does not parse it, even though I have the *.py handler specified
[19:22] <Scorp1us_> ah, one too many web.xml files
[19:29] <jimbaker> Scorp1us_, makes sense, this definitely sounds like a config problem
[19:30] <Scorp1us_> its working now
[19:30] <Scorp1us_> I had a few problems, some of which was jre6
[19:44] <Scorp1us_> ok, so how do I "from package import symbol" in Jython servlets?
[19:45] <Scorp1us_> I have the jars in $HOME/WEB-INF/lib
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[20:25] <fwierzbicki> topi`: are you using latest from trunk? A short time ago I pushed a fix for some permgen errors that would show up in Tomcat.
[20:25] <fwierzbicki> It isn't really backwards compatible so it isn't a good candidate for 2.5.x
[20:27] <Arfrever> fwierzbicki: Could you update some jars in extlibs directory (in default branch)?
[20:29] <fwierzbicki> Probably - I've dusted off my jython dev hat recently. Ahead of that I'm trying to shepherd some pull requests in.
[20:29] <fwierzbicki> Arfrever: ^^^
[20:30] <fwierzbicki> Arfrever: which ones are bothering you? Are there tickets associated? Sorry I've been away a while...
[20:34] <Arfrever> fwierzbicki: New versions of at least jffi/jnr-* are available (jffi-1.2.7, jnr-constants-0.8.5, jnr-ffi-1.0.7, jnr-netdb-1.1.2, jnr-posix-3.0.1).
[20:38] <fwierzbicki> ok - I'll have a look (maybe this weekend)
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[22:00] <Arfrever> fwierzbicki: I have filed issues #2091 and #2092.
[22:06] <fwierzbicki> Arfrever: thanks!
[22:33] <jimbaker> speaking of such updates, i plan to update guava
[22:34] <jimbaker> this is fairly simple, but we need to use the non deprecated apis for what was ComputedMap or whatever it's called
[22:36] <jimbaker> in favor of its replacement, CacheLoader. some modest work required since doesn't support Map directly (that was the point of the api cleanup, but sort of irrelevant for us)
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[23:09] <sinistersnare> https://www.refheap.com/19012 i hope this isnt a regular python issue (i havent done python in a bit...) but for some reason jython is having trouble accessing the static fields of certain classes
[23:59] <jimbaker> sinistersnare, where's the problem here?


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