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[4:12] <sinistersnare> https://gist.github.com/sinistersnare/f2af88d29b6351ea6493 hi again, im trying to implement a JythonObjectFactory (with a little bit of chagned code from PlyJy.jar)
[4:12] <sinistersnare> and i keep getting this stacktrace, i dont know why
[4:12] <sinistersnare> all of my files are in the same dir structure
[4:12] <sinistersnare> under com/sinsnare/factories
[4:14] <sinistersnare> how does jython find python modules?
[4:17] <sinistersnare> even when i make my own PytonInterpreter and exec("from employee import Employee") i get a no module named employee
[4:17] <sinistersnare> maybe it has to do with classpath or something i didnt do in PyDev?
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[5:12] <sinsnare|awayyyy> also i dont seem to be able to do a interpreter.exec("import os"); it gives me a "no module named os" error, but i can do a interpreter.exec("import sys"); and it works fine!
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[5:32] <sinsnare|awayyyy> ok its because i wasnt using the standalone jar...
[5:32] <sinsnare|awayyyy> but i still cant import my own python files...
[5:32] <sinsnare|awayyyy> maybe i could read it in as a string and then execute that?
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[13:34] <topi`> sinsnare|awayyyy: place the dir with employee.py in your JYTHONPATH
[13:35] <topi`> or, as the last, desperate measure, put that path into sys.path at startup
[13:37] <topi`> for example, using interpreter.exec("import sys"); interpreter.exec("sys.path.append('/foo/bar')");
[17:22] <jimbaker> topi`, my clamp repo is getting closer to being actually usable. i will add single jar building as part of it, to address maybe the sort of issues that sinsnare ran into
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[21:29] <sinsnare|awayyyy> topi`: its in the same dir as my .java files
[21:29] <sinsnare|awayyyy> and i added a interp.exec("sys.path.append('.')");
[21:29] <sinsnare|awayyyy> and it still doesnt work
[21:32] <sinsnare|awayyyy> ok it works, now that ive used the fully qualified name...
[21:35] <sinsnare|awayyyy> there must be a better way though... the PYTHONPATH thing didnt work, i put it in its own py/ dir, and then added that as a source folder to my PYTHONPATH (and the /bin folder) and it didnt work unless i added the folder to my sys.path
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[23:32] <agronholm> JYTHONPATH
[23:32] <agronholm> not PYTHONPATH
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