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IRC Log for 2013-09-23

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[0:07] <agronholm> sinistersnare: create a java project, then add python nature to it
[0:07] <agronholm> eclipse, being a dick, does not allow java nature to be added afterwards
[0:10] <sinistersnare> ok, i made a java project
[0:11] <sinistersnare> now do i right click it > pyDev > pydev project
[0:14] <agronholm> pydev > set as pydev project
[0:15] <agronholm> going to sleep now
[0:17] <sinistersnare> ok thanks bye
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[7:48] <topi`> jimbaker: thanks for the sysconf fix!
[7:48] <topi`> it does seem fairly trivial, however some Java knowledge is needed ;)
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[12:10] <truk77> Anybody have experience loading jython scripts from maven as resources?
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[14:48] <jimbaker> topi`, it's straightforward, but i would not call it trivial given that the solution requires knowledge of jython internals
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[19:14] <truk77> If I have a function that creates a PythonInterpreter object, and said object creates a few threads...if the function goes out of scope before the threads resolve, what happens to them?
[19:30] <jimbaker> truk77, there's a good answer on stack overflow, http://stackoverflow.com/a/2423293 - if the threads are running (not certain what you mean by "resolve") they are not garbage collected
[19:30] <jimbaker> biab
[19:53] <truk77> jimbaker: So threads won't be prematurely terminated when their controlling PythonInterpreter object goes out of scope?
[19:55] <agronholm> nope
[19:56] <agronholm> iirc there is no way to prematurely terminate threads in java
[20:03] <pjenvey> Thread.stop is still around but it's deprecated and evil and shouldn't be used
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[22:55] <sinistersnare> random question: does jython make use of invokeDynamic (aka is java 7 prefered?)
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[23:19] <agronholm> not yet
[23:19] <agronholm> but work has been done towards that goal


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