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[4:25] <sinistersnare> hello, is there a way to compile jython to .class files? (also i think i found a typo in the jythonbook (http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/LangSyntax.html#classes) i think the first example needs to be tabified...
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[5:19] <sinistersnare> apparently jythonc doesnt work, so i guess ill just have to read my jython file into a string and then execute it?
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[16:30] <sinistersnare> ok im setting up jython with pydev, lets see if i can get some libgdx going!
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[17:04] <sinistersnare> how can i call a jython class like its a java class?
[17:05] <sinistersnare> i have code that runs like this: "new LwjglApplication(new GdxJython(), cfg);" in java, and im not sure how to change the "new GdxJython()" to a call to the jython code
[17:27] <sinistersnare> i posted to the mailing list, im quite lost :p
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[18:03] <agronholm> sinistersnare: remove the "new"
[18:03] <sinistersnare> agronholm: how will it know? this is java code btw
[18:04] <sinistersnare> its in a different file... let me see if i can shed some light...
[18:05] <sinistersnare> https://gist.github.com/sinistersnare/7e47ab1e743b8c0c6899 here
[18:06] <sinistersnare> actually, a guy on the mailing list sent me this link https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonMonthly/Articles/October2006/3
[18:06] <sinistersnare> i guess an object factory is necessary
[18:08] <agronholm> how will it know what?
[18:09] <agronholm> oh, you wanted to instantiate a python class from java
[18:09] <sinistersnare> yep!
[18:10] <agronholm> the easiest way is probably eval()
[18:10] <agronholm> where is your PythonInterpreter?
[18:10] <sinistersnare> nowhere.... i havent gotten that far!
[18:11] <sinistersnare> i need to figure out how to add the correct jars to the working libgdx project i have
[18:11] <sinistersnare> are the jars located in the jython installation folder?
[18:12] <agronholm> you just need jython.jar
[18:12] <sinistersnare> ok
[18:12] <sinistersnare> ill copy that into my /lib then
[18:12] <agronholm> are you planning to use the full installation or the standalone version?
[18:13] <sinistersnare> i did a full installation
[18:13] <sinistersnare> but i guess the standalone is just the jar?
[18:14] <agronholm> it's not the same you get from the standalone install
[18:14] <agronholm> the standalone install contains the standard library as well
[18:14] <agronholm> jython isn't very useful without that
[18:14] <sinistersnare> oh i guess i should do a standalone then!
[18:15] <agronholm> if you plan on using the full install, you can do that too
[18:15] <agronholm> but your application won't be very portable then
[18:15] <sinistersnare> i can just copy the jar into my libs folder?
[18:16] <sinistersnare> cause i just did that
[18:17] <sinistersnare> ok so it recognized the jar, ima follow this link https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonMonthly/Articles/October2006/3 later, because now its bowling time!
[18:17] <sinistersnare> thanks for your help!
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[23:23] <sinistersnare> how can i make PyDev work with both java and python files?
[23:34] <sinistersnare> https://wiki.python.org/jython/JythonMonthly/Articles/October2006/3 im following this, and when i try to add a java class to my project, it complains that im not in a java project (because i made a python project!) so im not sure what to do


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