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[11:50] <topi`> how do I specify JVM-specific options to jython at startup time? like, what you'd do with java -jar -Djavax.net.debug=ssl
[11:50] <topi`> or maybe I'll just run jython.jar with java -jar
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[14:18] <jimbaker> topi`, -Jarg : pass argument through to Java VM (e.g. -J-Xmx512m)
[14:27] <jimbaker> supersven, awesome to see the beginning of maven support. i know that it's a bit different than having the work finished ;), but it must be started of course
[14:27] <supersven> uhm
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[14:28] <supersven> well, yes, i'm currently working on this - but how do you know?
[14:29] <jimbaker> supersven, social coding :) bitbucket tells me whenever jython is forked
[14:30] <supersven> with a little cheating, it's not as hard as expected :D
[14:31] <jimbaker> supersven, we were talking about tinfoil on my rackspace team earlier this week. specifically stuff like this: http://osrc.dfm.io/jimbaker
[14:31] <jimbaker> and its limitations: "Jim seems to speak only one programming language: Python. Maybe it's about time for Jim to branch out a bit."
[14:33] <jimbaker> supersven, so cheating is good. the most important thing is just having some domain knowledge, or better yet a direction. i find the code just writes itself at that point
[14:34] <supersven> jimbaker, wanted to say: there is a maven-ant plugin, so when ever it becomes complicated, one can fall-back to ant
[14:34] <jimbaker> supersven, makes perfect sense, especially because we use ant so much already
[14:34] <supersven> maven is surprisingly bad in copying files, making directories and such stuff
[14:35] <jimbaker> supersven, yeah. so maybe best for describing dependencies
[14:37] <jimbaker> so a question i would like to raise on the jython-dev mailing list - requirements for beta 2. my personal feeling is that if we can support requests + pip + what else?, then that's a good time to release beta 2
[14:38] <jimbaker> requests and pip can both be branches, but they have to be clean, potentially mergeable branches to upstream
[14:38] <jimbaker> so this would mean we are very close to beta 2
[14:39] <supersven> don't forget the regression tests ;)
[14:39] <jimbaker> supersven, i never forget about the regr tests :)
[14:39] <jimbaker> i'm ok w/ a lot of skips there, but i want to have at least stuff that's useable
[14:39] <supersven> well, i've got a patch laying around with all failing regression tests skipped - and there are many ... :(
[14:39] <jimbaker> so one thing we did w/ 2.5 is that we set django as our benchmark
[14:40] <jimbaker> supersven, i actually really don't care about them being skipped or not. it's easy enough to see failing tests going down too
[14:41] <jimbaker> of course, that's one thing jenkins is really good at, reporting progress on that
[14:41] <supersven> ok
[14:42] <jimbaker> in some cases, we do need skips because the tests can break regrtest
[14:42] <jimbaker> and course there are expected skips. of course those
[14:43] <supersven> just wanted to talk about the skips, because i promised them ;)
[14:44] <jimbaker> supersven, sounds good. and i'm promising to fix some of them too ;)
[14:44] <jimbaker> so maybe beta 3 can do a skip triage - these are things we must do
[14:44] <jimbaker> but ultimately i like jython to be actually useable
[14:45] <supersven> i just have some trouble with mecurial, because i comitted with some nickname into my private repository ... and of course i don't want to see sven@muckelmaus in the main repo ... :)
[14:46] <supersven> now i'm trying to patch into another repo to get rid of the silly username ..
[14:46] <supersven> full agree: django (and other frameworks) support is important
[14:53] <whg> jimbaker: If you're taking a wishlist of things to test against: flask, requests, pyres, sqlalchemy, alembic, wtforms, oauthlib, nose and/or pytest???
[14:53] <whg> Those are all totally randomly chosen, btw
[14:58] <jimbaker> whg, this list makes sense to me, and not completely random. and course twisted. some we may delay to beta 3, or further triage. but that's how i suggest we proceed
[14:59] <whg> Are you suggesting that I'd put down a list of dependencies for one of my own projects?
[14:59] <whg> (Who am I kidding, that's exactly what I'd do)
[15:03] <jimbaker> whg, it's good to hang out here
[15:03] <whg> jimbaker: heh
[15:04] <whg> Oh, and dateutil
[15:04] <whg> Everybody loves dateutil (once they try to do it the stdlib and wish for death instead, at least)
[15:05] <jimbaker> dateutil doesn't work?
[15:05] <whg> I can't imagine why it wouldn't
[15:05] <whg> I can probably test it, even
[15:05] <jimbaker> i have used it in the past on jython, it's pretty pure python iirc
[15:05] <whg> I was just mentioning it because it got mentioned like 8 times in #python the other day
[15:05] <whg> It was sort of top-of-mind
[15:06] <jimbaker> it's certainly a useful library
[15:06] <jimbaker> in any event, some stuff like that should just go on the buildbot, even if we know it works
[15:06] <jimbaker> because it might not when not looking
[15:42] <supersven> ok, i'll put that on my todo list
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