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[0:14] <jimbaker> it is so satisfying to clear out a bunch of old legacy crap??? crossing fingers i will get a clean regrtest!
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[0:45] <jimbaker> anyway, not quite there yet, but may be because it brings in different gc semantics; basically this make array initialization more idiomatic, as part of work to support big collection literals
[0:45] <jimbaker> https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-big-collection-literals
[0:46] <jimbaker> so mostly working, except on some corner cases on generators, pdb - just the sort of thing that might be problematic for gc purposes
[0:46] <jimbaker> vs deterministic ref counting
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[19:13] <jimbaker> daenney, so i have pushed up my support for big collection literals in https://bitbucket.org/jimbaker/jython-big-collection-literals
[19:15] <jimbaker> still a work in progress, but i expect to merge into trunk fairly soon. should also improve jython performance, since i simplified/made more idiomatic some related cases
[19:15] <jimbaker> idiomatic java code usually runs faster on the jvm, if it's generated for jython's purposes
[19:15] <jimbaker> even if
[19:17] <daenney> :)
[19:18] <daenney> your house still standing? News been awash with the flash floods in Colorado
[19:20] <jimbaker> daenney, i'm ok, my house is now on a temporary island
[19:20] <jimbaker> no passable roads in/out of our neighborhood, but we still have power and clean water
[19:21] <jimbaker> and it's starting to dry up a bit in this area of about 2km by 2km
[19:21] <jimbaker> outside this "island", not so good
[19:22] <daenney> mmm, nasty business
[19:22] <jimbaker> indeed, certainly a historic disaster. it's a 500-year flood for this part of colorado
[19:25] <jimbaker> when IBM established a facility near here about 50 years ago, they specifically chose this location because it was one of the safest places in the US when it came to disasters. but go 5 miles - currently impossible for me - and one can see devastation, not just simple flooding
[19:31] <daenney> go figure
[19:31] <daenney> But with that amount of water yeah, it's not just gonna make the plants grow a wee bit quicker
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[20:18] <topi`> jimbaker: do you have a "lake" in your back yard like on some of those photos?
[20:18] <jimbaker> topi`, yes
[20:19] <jimbaker> it's not my own backyard, but for the community here, most certainly - we have lots of parks and farmland surrounding this neighborhood. one of their functions is flood control
[20:20] <jimbaker> it has worked. in the US, there are those who look upon this as needless govt regulation. such as a farming neighbor, all of his land is currently flooded. he wanted to develop his land into lots of houses, but it was rejected because he had no provisions for flood control
[20:20] <jimbaker> angry guy
[20:21] <jimbaker> now i suppose extra angry
[20:21] <whg> Less angry than he'd be if his investment was currently, literally, underwater and his insurance wouldn't pay up because he wasn't in compliance
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[20:52] <whg> agronholm: I knew your nick was familiar. You're the very helpful chap from #sqlalchemy. Do you use sqlalchemy much with Jython?
[20:53] <agronholm> whg: I don't, actually
[20:53] <agronholm> I only have one jython app that uses the database and it doesn't use it directly
[20:53] <whg> drat! I'm proposing a new project at work, and suspect I'll be forced to deliver it as something JVM-based
[20:54] <whg> I thought I had found my perfect source of pro-tips
[20:54] <whg> :-)
[20:54] <agronholm> you can still ask, whether or not it's jython doesn't matter much
[20:55] <whg> Oh, I'm sure I'll be bothering people all over IRC. It's just always nice to know somebody who's doing more or less the same thing. It makes it so much easier to narrow your focus on *one* source of free help
[20:56] <whg> Mostly, I haven't done much SQLAlchemy stuff against Oracle because Oracle has never bothered to fix their drivers on OSX
[20:56] <whg> So I'll be interested to see how it is to use the JDBC drivers, instead
[20:56] <agronholm> is there a zxjdbc+oracle dialect?
[20:57] <whg> I certainly hope so
[20:57] <whg> I haven't gotten the POC-greenlight yet
[20:57] <whg> (silly shipping features first policy)
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[22:21] <pjenvey> there is a zxjdbc+oracle
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