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[16:33] <topi`> I would like to profile where the CPU time is going when I'm trying to access a nonexistent route on my django/jython setup (running under Tomcat)
[16:33] <topi`> any ideas where to start from?
[16:34] <topi`> it takes about 0.2-0.3 secs between hitting enter and seeing the Not found page.
[16:34] <topi`> 0.0 secs when running under CPython
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[17:39] <whg> .2-.3 s?
[17:39] <whg> Wow, that's pretty huge
[17:39] <whg> http://visualvm.java.net might be a good place to look
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[18:41] <jimbaker> agreed on that sort of latency. something somewhere is wrong
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[20:43] <topi`> whg: I think that a lot of objects are being created/destroyed for every page handled. Also, I'm in Debug mode, which will make many things slow, especially template rendering
[20:44] <topi`> I couldn't install Requests due to odd bug about too big a method for JVM... any ideas?
[20:45] <topi`> maybe I'll just need to fallback to urllib2 (ugh).
[20:46] <topi`> Re: the Django speed issue: it seems that if I keep on clicking those links, they will reload faster and faster, eventually ;)
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[20:51] <daenney> Oh no way, if requests no work that needs to be fixed, urllib2 torture
[20:51] <daenney> Isn't that just some object cache of the JVM that needs to fill / warm up? Wee bit weird though
[20:52] <topi`> has anyone tried installing requests via easy_install?
[20:52] <daenney> Mmm, thinking about it that even sounds unreasonable
[20:52] <topi`> java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Method code too large!
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[20:53] <topi`> I can't see which module it was compiling.
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[20:54] <arctansusan> hi!
[20:54] <arctansusan> can someone help with my Jython installation? Ive been following this: http://www.jython.org/archive/21/install.html
[20:55] <topi`> arctansusan: version 2.1 is very old, I'd say outdated
[20:55] <arctansusan> i see.
[20:55] <topi`> do you have any reason not to use a newer version, like jython 2.5?
[20:56] <arctansusan> i didn't realize i was on the older site!
[20:56] <arctansusan> thnx for letting me know
[20:56] <arctansusan> i need the latest version
[20:56] <topi`> 2.7 for the adventurous, 2.5 for everyone else
[20:57] <topi`> I'm using 2.7, and could not install Requests library - a big disappointment..
[20:57] <arctansusan> I get it now. o, and that could be a feature request to the dev-list.
[20:58] <arctansusan> ok. I have jython2.5.3 installed in my /Users/susan/ directory
[20:58] <arctansusan> just now
[20:59] <arctansusan> im reading these instructions: https://wiki.python.org/jython/InstallationInstructions.
[20:59] <arctansusan> However, typing in "jython" still doesn't bring up jython console. :(
[21:11] <topi`> is it in your PATH? Maybe try invoking it with full path?
[21:11] <topi`> if that fails, locate jython.jar (it should be in that highest-level subdir), and run it with java -jar jython.jar
[22:14] <daenney> Also, you might need to set JYTHON_HOME pointing to /Some/directory/bin where in bin/ jython.jar or jython-dev.jar is found
[22:16] <daenney> In the case of homebrew: JYTHON_HOME=/usr/local/Cellar/jython/2.7-b1/libexec jython
[22:16] <daenney> The one thing I'm not getting is why the crap my OS is defaulting to the Java 1.6 JVM :/
[22:17] <arctansusan> Thnx Ill try out the suggestions.
[22:23] <daenney> Oh this is good Apple, JRE 1.7u40 is installed but java -version gives me the system 1.6, oddly enough the java preference pane doesn't even show the 1.6 version
[22:23] <daenney> Grmbl
[22:24] <daenney> Oh goodie, JDK takes up 450MB. WTF Oracle
[22:26] <daenney> jimbaker: Any idea why Jython says: expr: syntax error twice at startup?
[22:27] <jimbaker> daenney, i have not see this
[22:27] <jimbaker> gist?
[22:27] <daenney> sure, sec
[22:28] <jimbaker> topi`, requests is not working because as you have seen, it's complaining about a method being too long
[22:28] <jimbaker> i actually think java.net.URL works just fine - it's one example where the stdlib in java is not bad
[22:28] <jimbaker> and it works nicely as a file object for jython
[22:29] <jimbaker> but getting requests working would be nice. for now, the best option is to figure out how to split the method. long term, i have a solution in mind, but it will not make it for 2.7.0
[22:29] <daenney> jimbaker: https://gist.github.com/daenney/6530647
[22:30] <jimbaker> daenney, yeah, that's not expected
[22:30] <daenney> It does the same thing on the 1.6 JVM
[22:30] <daenney> Ahhhhh crap, no requests? The whole project I wanted to run on the JVM through Jython is built around it :(
[22:31] <jimbaker> let me dig into this
[22:31] <jimbaker> daenney, so we should fix requests :)
[22:31] <daenney> Probably. I'm fairly familiar with requests though, it doesn't do anything weird
[22:31] <jimbaker> i would want to see it running, it's quite popular after all
[22:32] <daenney> The `expr: syntax error` doesn't seem to directly affect anything for now though
[22:32] <daenney> Everything I've thrown at it just works but no clue what might be breaking underneath
[22:34] <topi`> jimbaker: can you give a simple example of using java.net.URL from jython?
[22:35] <topi`> I guess you just read() it like it were a python file object.
[22:35] <topi`> but what about the error codes?
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[22:47] <jimbaker> topi`, so you use openConnection to get a connection; then getResponseCode()
[22:47] <jimbaker> etc etc
[22:51] <jimbaker> daenney, so i don't know the specifics of homebrew and how it uses libexec
[22:51] <jimbaker> jython itself is a script
[22:51] <jimbaker> or i should say, we use a script to wrap the starting of jython
[22:51] <jimbaker> on os x, this is in bash
[22:54] <jimbaker> however, the setting of JYTHON_HOME to libexec looks reasonable??? could try something the following:
[22:54] <jimbaker> $ JYTHON_HOME=??? bash -x jython
[22:58] <jimbaker> topi`, i took a look at the offending file in requests, requests/packages/charade/big5freq.py
[22:59] <jimbaker> this is very easy to solve - just need to break the initialization of Big5CharToFreqOrder into a few functions
[22:59] <jimbaker> in jython, the main level script is also compiled to a java method, which has to be less than 32K byte codes
[23:05] <jimbaker> alternatively, i could special case this in the compiler for constant tuples, like i did for strings in 2.5. let me think about it


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