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[18:41] <topi`> jimbaker: I just finished reading the Jython Book ;) there seem to be a few different methods for calling python methods from java.
[18:41] <topi`> so I'll go on and try another one of those to get my code running ;)
[18:43] <topi`> I tried easy_install Django but got an import error... about unicode_literals
[18:44] <topi`> >>> from __future__ import unicode_literals
[18:45] <topi`> duh, that works on my OSX jython install.
[18:46] <topi`> my debian jyth install seems somehow bastardized - if I invoke jython, it says 2.7b1 and dpkg -l says it's 2.5.2
[18:46] <topi`> grr
[18:49] <topi`> what's the diff between standalone install and jython.jar install?
[18:49] <topi`> I guess I'll download the standalone
[18:52] <topi`> oh, the standalone just gives me the python interpreter with java -jar
[19:25] <topi`> interestingly, pip install django fails. Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement django
[19:25] <topi`> maybe this is that SSL problem that jimbaker mentioned earlier?
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[21:04] <topi`> is expatreader.py available in jython? it seems django's manage.py syncdb tries to import it
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[21:15] <topi`> ok, managed to circumvent this issue by hacking django's xml_serializer.py to avoid expatreader and just use xml.sax.make_parser
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