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[5:30] <jimbaker> so i just verified that for python classes that don't take args in __init__, i can directly import their classes into python using the new custom proxymaker support
[5:30] <jimbaker> sorry, into ***java**
[5:30] <jimbaker> that's much more interesting :)
[5:31] <jimbaker> a bit to go before import django; in some java code
[5:31] <jimbaker> now just need to figure out how to build the necessary constructors. tomorrow!
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[17:32] <topi`> supersven: buildbot is built on top of twisted, so you'll get into problems trying to run that under jython
[17:33] <supersven> well, i'm not trying to run buildbot with jython
[17:34] <supersven> i'm trying to build and test jython with buildbot automatically
[17:35] <supersven> the "continuous integration" stuff ... :)
[17:36] <topi`> ah, that way ;)
[17:37] <supersven> i've got some time and a machine spare ... and thought it would be a good idea to setup a buildbot for jython
[17:37] <topi`> I've been assigned a task of building a software component for monitoring a couple of sw components (so that they work as advertised)
[17:38] <topi`> It needs to be deployable as a WAR, so I'm thinking of just writing the actual monitor in python, and then using jython to bundle it as a WAR
[17:40] <supersven> and nagios (and friends) isn't an option for that monitoring?
[17:41] <supersven> nagios isn't deployable as war, but usually the swiss army knife for monitoring :)
[17:45] <topi`> I'll look that up
[17:46] <supersven> but of course, i don't know nearly anything about your requirements - it's just a stupid mapping in my brain: monitoring --> nagios :)
[17:47] <topi`> it looks interesting, but maybe a bit too "generic" ... we have very specific needs
[17:47] <topi`> we also want to generate email and/or sms alerts when things go wront
[17:48] <topi`> wrong
[17:48] <topi`> anyhow, building that service from scratch wouldn't take more than a day from me, if I can do it in python
[17:49] <topi`> that's why everyone uses python - rapid app devel
[17:50] <topi`> I'll read the Jython book to find more about building WARs with jython
[17:52] <topi`> what, how can the Jython Book kindle edition cost $35 on amazon.com while it is actually a free download and licensed under CC???
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[18:16] <supersven> well, as long as the content is good (and in fact it is) ... :)
[18:33] <topi`> is modjy my best bet for developing on python an deploying as a WAR?
[18:37] <agronholm> it's the only bet AFAIK
[18:47] <topi`> jimbaker: if you got Django going on, does that mean that you're able to use setuptools or pip to install all its dependencies?
[18:47] <topi`> last time I checked, there are dozens of nasty dependencies on django.
[18:48] <topi`> there seems to be a django-jython package, but that's for jy2.5 I think.
[19:00] <jimbaker> topi`, i have not checked django recently on jython
[19:01] <jimbaker> but i know that frank wierzbicki is running it with 2.7 to my knowledge
[19:01] <jimbaker> i haven't made any more progress on pip since my jython-ssl branch work that i reported on
[19:01] <jimbaker> but plan to hack on it again for our rackspace hackday this friday
[19:02] <jimbaker> see if going to nio2 (java 7 required) will be helpful
[19:02] <jimbaker> another thing i'm going to explore is unix domain socket support through jnr
[19:02] <jimbaker> since that looks quite straightforward
[19:02] <jimbaker> given its support for nio as well
[19:03] <jimbaker> topi`, so import django; was more aspirational. at this point, it's more import foo; or perhaps my storm work
[19:13] <topi`> well. I'll check it out, just to see if there's anything missing
[19:14] <topi`> the project needs some kind of a web UI, and for that, Django is a safe bet.
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[21:25] <jimbaker> topi`, supersven - forgot to mention - although i'm glad i got apress to let us license the book under CCSA, it's still a great thing when we get sales too. apress really did help us out in terms of publishing a quality book
[21:25] <jimbaker> so there's that :)
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[23:53] <jimbaker> pushed up the new custom proxymaker support
[23:54] <jimbaker> into jython trunk


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