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IRC Log for 2013-06-25

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[10:04] <iceboxx> Hi, i want to use Jython to create a application.. is it possible to distribute it like python applications using Pyinstaller?
[10:05] <agronholm> nope
[10:05] <agronholm> why do you want to use jython instead of cpython?
[10:06] <iceboxx> i already have a application developed in python and pyqt4., which is getting bigger and bigger (slower and slower) so i want to try using java
[10:06] <agronholm> you can't use qt with java
[10:07] <agronholm> and you're certainly not going to gain any speed from using jython
[10:07] <agronholm> I have a fairly large jython + swing app that I maintain so I'm speaking from experience
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[10:52] <iceboxx> if i use javafx and java to write my application., is it possible to natively compile to code to .exe / .app ?
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[11:10] <agronholm> not to my knowledge
[11:10] <agronholm> well
[11:10] <agronholm> at least I don't know any tools like that
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[14:17] <pooperidge> I SHARTED!
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[17:44] <jimbaker> finally finally looking at clamp/custom proxymaker stuff
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[17:48] <jimbaker> fwiw, it's rather cool being able to use the __proxymaker__ hook; especially if the proxymaker itself is written in python!
[17:56] <agronholm> neat
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[19:01] <jimbaker> agronholm, here's what i'm currently playing with - i'm intercepting the build process of a proxy and writing it out, all in python. still to see if i can add some initialized static final fields (i want to add serialVersionUID); https://gist.github.com/jimbaker/5861328
[19:02] <jimbaker> ideally at the end of this, i will have stuff that can be directly used from java (without object factories being written!), but right now just focusing on proxies that can be serialized/deserialized; that enables storm integration
[19:03] <jimbaker> obviously builds on this work: https://bitbucket.org/darjus/clamp/src/2a68ba70a139224fc7d966476b66f0f4fa2ddf5e/src/org/python/clamp/Clamper.java?at=default, but i like to see if it can all be written in python, with the java side potentially just supporting some helpers
[21:22] <jimbaker> fwiw, i got the static final fields with initialization working (https://github.com/jimbaker/jython-storm-starter, need to update README.md still; also depends on an unpushed trivial to jython trunk)
[21:23] <agronholm> goodie
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