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[6:58] <bjp> 2.7a2's threading.Event objects have some pre 2.6 behavior
[6:59] <bjp> i see one is reported on the bug tracker, one isnt
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[16:41] <Gatak> Hello. Since jython is running in java, can it run normal single threaded python scripts as multithreaded or do the scripts still need to be written to support threading?
[16:42] <agronholm> Gatak: what do you mean by writing to support threading?
[16:43] <Gatak> well. running normal cpython only uses one cpu/core unless apps are specifically written for threading.
[16:43] <agronholm> you seem to be misinformed
[16:43] <Gatak> However since java is natively threaded, would those apps run multithreaded?
[16:44] <Gatak> yes, perhasp I am :) so I am asking:)
[16:44] <agronholm> cpython cannot utilize more than one cpu core, even with explicit threading
[16:44] <agronholm> in the same process that is
[16:44] <agronholm> jython can
[16:45] <agronholm> but I don't see how it could somehow utilize multiple cores without explicit threading code
[16:48] <Gatak> OK, I see.. Actually just got jython installed on Gentoo and tried running portage (emerge world -uDva) and it did not use more than one core.
[16:49] <Gatak> Normal java apps do though, don't they, even without explicit threaded programming?
[16:49] <agronholm> wrong
[16:52] <Gatak> ah ok
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[22:39] <welandB> Is http://wiki.python.org/jython broken or just temporarily down?
[22:40] <pjenvey> welandB - http://pyfound.blogspot.com/2013/01/wikipythonorg-compromised.html
[22:40] <pjenvey> that's all I know
[22:41] <welandB> Oh ok. I was afraid that Jython was no longer being developed or something.
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