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[0:00] <pjenvey> that's it
[0:00] <pjenvey> i mean that should be enough of a test
[0:00] <pjenvey> I think test_tarfile will use stress it a bit too if you want some more
[0:04] <agronholm> https://bitbucket.org/agronholm/jython
[0:06] <agronholm> I got several failures from tarfile
[0:06] <agronholm> and a java.util.ConcurrentModificationException on top of all that
[0:06] <pjenvey> it might be doing that on the default branch, I don't know
[0:09] <agronholm> all the bz2 related tarfile tests fail on one specific thing -- the inability to open some file
[0:10] <agronholm> supposedly because it doesn't exist
[0:18] <agronholm> pjenvey: I compared to the original pull request -- my modifications actually fix 2 errors in the tarfile tests
[0:19] <agronholm> it seems like the gzip tests fail too so I wouldn't worry too much
[0:20] <pjenvey> test_tarfile will create taht .bz2 file when the test starts
[0:20] <pjenvey> maybe that is commented out
[0:21] <pjenvey> (if it's missing that file anyway)
[0:23] <agronholm> well I'm not seeing any commented out code
[0:24] <agronholm> and I don't know where the file is supposed to be created
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[0:43] <agronholm> pjenvey: regarding the discussion on the pull request, I tried deleting Lib/test_bz2.py but do I have to do something else to make ant copy it from lib-python to dist?
[0:55] <pjenvey> no
[0:56] <agronholm> well, why is running ant not copying the file then?
[0:58] <pjenvey> no idea, it copies everything marked in CPython.includes
[0:58] <pjenvey> which includes test/**
[0:58] <pjenvey> are all the tests in there? only thing occurs to me is maybe this broke when we switched the directory to lib-python, but I think we would have noticed by now?
[1:00] <agronholm> you can try it yourself
[1:06] <agronholm> I suppose I should remove test_bz2 from regrtest._expectations['java']?
[1:11] <pjenvey> yea
[1:14] <agronholm> I did ant clean; ant
[1:14] <agronholm> test_bz2.py is missing
[1:15] <agronholm> you can check out my fork and try it
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[1:28] <agronholm> as far as I can tell, that is the last thing that needs to be done before this can be merged to default
[1:37] <pjenvey> agronholm - works for me from your repo
[1:38] <pjenvey> maybe you deleted lib-python/2.7/test/test_bz2.py by mistake?
[1:38] <agronholm> no
[1:38] <agronholm> I positively deleted Lib/test/test_bz2.py
[1:38] <pjenvey> oh woops
[1:38] <agronholm> ?
[1:38] <pjenvey> i have to delete that one to reproduce it, let me try again
[1:40] <pjenvey> yea I can't reproduce it, it copies for me
[1:40] <pjenvey> you might want to run ant -v or -d and see if it shows up in the verbose output
[1:41] <agronholm> well it produces a crapload of output
[1:41] <agronholm> ahem.
[1:41] <agronholm> I was running jython against the wrong file :)
[1:42] <pjenvey> wee
[1:45] <agronholm> ok, is there anything else that need to be done before merging?
[1:49] <agronholm> I'd like to add this person's name in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS but I have no clue what it is
[1:51] * pjenvey looking at his jython-dev emails, "Julian Kennedy"
[1:51] <pjenvey> itd be nice to fix tarfile
[1:51] <agronholm> true, but that doesn't stop merging
[1:51] <pjenvey> it looks like the problem is BZ2File(badfile) raises an exception when it shouldn't
[1:51] <pjenvey> yea
[1:52] <agronholm> and tarfile has problems with or without bz2
[1:52] <agronholm> I wonder what the encoding of ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS is
[1:53] <agronholm> latin1 apparently
[1:53] <pjenvey> my emacs agrees
[1:53] <agronholm> S??bastien Boisg??rault
[1:53] <agronholm> yet my name was mangled :)
[1:54] <pjenvey> your name looks ascii'd
[1:54] <agronholm> yes, it should be Gr??nholm, not Groenholm
[1:55] <agronholm> ah well, I'll just add Julian Kennedy to the list and merge to default, ok?
[1:56] <agronholm> oh, and a line to NEWS
[2:01] <pjenvey> sounds good
[2:01] <pjenvey> i made some more comments on his pull request
[2:01] <pjenvey> if you want to close out his pull request after you merge it you could mention it still has a couple issues
[2:02] <agronholm> where did you make those comments? I'm not seeing any new ones
[2:02] <agronholm> oh
[2:02] <agronholm> I see them now
[2:03] <agronholm> I should probably fix these before merging
[2:10] <agronholm> hm, has Julian Kennedy signed the Python contributor agreement?
[2:13] <agronholm> (is there a list of such people somewhere?)
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[2:37] <agronholm> BZ2File.__init__ breaks if I remove the code that reads the first 100 bytes right away
[3:04] <pjenvey> what does it do
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[3:04] <pjenvey> im not sure if we have the contributor agreements anywhere online
[3:07] <agronholm> it's way too late for me to delve deeper into this
[3:07] <agronholm> it's yours if you want to fix it
[3:07] <agronholm> if not, I'll take another look within a few days
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[21:20] <Youbi> Hello
[21:21] <Youbi> http://wiki.python.org/jython/WhyJython doesn???t work, is there a problem????
[21:24] <agronholm> no clue, we don't maintain the Python Wiki
[21:25] <Youbi> Oh, oki
[21:26] <Youbi> http://wiki.python.org/jython/InstallationInstructions same for this one????
[21:27] <pjenvey> Youbi - http://pyfound.blogspot.com/2013/01/wikipythonorg-compromised.html
[21:27] <pjenvey> I have no idea when (or even if) it'll be restored
[21:28] <Youbi> But there are backups of the wiki somewhere, right????
[21:29] <Youbi> (not available, obviously, but existant)
[21:29] <pjenvey> I would hope so but I do not know for sure
[21:30] <Youbi> :$
[21:30] <Youbi> Stupid moinmoin wiki
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[21:32] <pjenvey> Youbi - you could try the google cache
[21:36] <pjenvey> which apparently doesn't seem to work very well with the urls you pasted here =[
[21:41] <Youbi> so bad. but i???ll be patient :)
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