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IRC Log for 2012-11-07

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[0:55] <gColossus> agronholm: what's the MTU of TCP?
[0:55] <agronholm> TCP does not have MTU
[0:55] <agronholm> MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit, it's network interface specific
[0:55] <agronholm> the number of bytes that can be sent in a single packet
[0:56] <gColossus> agronholm: hmm, it says Windows by default has MTU of 1500 bytes
[0:56] <agronholm> as does linux
[0:56] <gColossus> for broadband
[0:56] <agronholm> for ethernet
[0:57] <gColossus> agronholm: I need to steal your brain one day
[0:58] <agronholm> like I said, I've just picked things up as I've gone
[0:58] <agronholm> there's nothing special about my brains.
[1:02] <gColossus> agronholm: how does one CPU decides how long the time slice given to one thead out of N active threads is?
[1:03] <agronholm> that I don't know
[1:04] <gColossus> okay, next question
[1:05] <gColossus> given that a dual core CPU has 200 active threads at a given time, each thread's payload is: sending 4 TCP and receiving 4 TCP packets and perform (((X)^a)^b)modn
[1:05] <gColossus> the last computation is using successive squaring algorithm, or the like
[1:05] <gColossus> do you think one slice would be enough to perform all that?
[1:05] <agronholm> seems like a waste of threads
[1:06] <gColossus> well, if you do that sequentially: 25 seconds
[1:06] <gColossus> threaded: 8 seconds
[1:06] <agronholm> I mean, you could use fewer threads
[1:06] <gColossus> oh, it's just perf testing atm
[1:06] <gColossus> that's the payload I am giving to each thread
[1:07] <gColossus> but I am not sure whether all that load could be done in 1 time slice
[1:07] <agronholm> I don't know if there's any way to find out
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[1:07] <gColossus> because if it can then I need to increase the load
[1:07] <gColossus> or just over-kill the hell out of it, and gives it more load
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[3:00] <gColossus> agronholm: this is retarded but a piece of code which is working just fine in Java now breaking in Jython with java.lang.NullPointerException
[3:10] <agronholm> gColossus: details
[3:10] <gColossus> agronholm: nah, no worries, I will take a look at it later
[3:10] <gColossus> agronholm: not top priority atm
[3:11] <gColossus> agronholm: it's part of a big framework so I am not certain about how to isolate the issue just yet
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[19:15] <gColossus> agronholm: morning
[19:15] <agronholm> evening
[19:16] <agronholm> I have the win7 box here now
[19:16] <agronholm> haven't installed it yet
[19:20] <gColossus> agronholm: what time is it over there?
[19:20] <agronholm> 21:19
[19:22] <gColossus> oic, man, then you usually stay up really late then
[19:23] <gColossus> just a question out of curiosity, are you working elsewhere aside from being a core dev for jython?
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[19:24] <agronholm> I'm self employed
[19:24] <agronholm> I have three projects underway and I'm supporting one more
[19:35] <gColossus> agronholm: i see :) nice. Must be really busy for you
[19:41] <agronholm> I've put two projects on hold for now; handoff of one project is next week
[19:47] <gColossus> nice :)
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