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[16:33] <varialus> Jython doesn't have os.umask() on Windows. I'm pretty sure I could implement it in Java, but where would be the best place to put it? I can just put it in os.py, but it seems like there might be a better location.
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[16:54] <varialus> src\org\python\indexer\Builtins.java seems to be where the function gets added to os.
[17:08] <juneau001> The issue with Django-Jython on web sphere (re: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'
[17:08] <juneau001> ) could be related to a Windows issue that occurs when running 2.5a3???
[17:09] <varialus> Oh, I'm on the development branch.
[17:09] <juneau001> Try to use an earlier 2.5 beta and see if it resolves the issue...
[17:09] <juneau001> Per the comment on Frank's blog: http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2008/07/jython-25-alpha-released.html?showComment=1216165500000#c1516350313031048400
[17:11] <juneau001> varialus: Sorry, these messages were related to a posting regarding Django Jython from a few days ago???just now getting to it unfortunately.
[17:12] <varialus> No prob, won't hurt to try 2.5 :-)
[17:22] <varialus> My build of Jython also doesn't seem to have the msvcrt module. The real msvcrt api (not the python module) has a umask call.
[17:24] <pjenvey> varialus - functions like umask generally come from the nt or posix module
[17:24] <pjenvey> they are the same module, they're impl in modules/posix/PosixModule.java
[17:26] <varialus> Ok, thanks.
[17:26] <pjenvey> varialus - it looks like umask will show up as long as the jnr posix module is loaded
[17:26] <pjenvey> and supported on your platform
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[17:27] <pjenvey> i think you can turn the jython verbosity up and you might see an error mesage about it not being loaded
[17:28] <pjenvey> -Dpython.verbose=debug
[17:31] <varialus> Just looking at jnr javadocs for a moment.
[17:36] <varialus> JNR has a getpid. :-) I had implemented that myself because it wasn't working.
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[20:01] <varialus> Ok, I've got the jars and the build.xml updated and I have the os and nt modules, but still no os.umask.
[20:02] <varialus> I guess I could try the very newest jars. I just went from snapshot to stable.
[20:02] <varialus> I'd have to build them myself. Ugh...
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[21:23] <varialus> How do I create an instance of jnr.posix.WindowsLibC?
[21:37] <pjenvey> varialus - did you try running with -Dpython.verbose=debug ?
[21:37] <pjenvey> e.g. i do:
[21:37] <pjenvey> $ rm dist/javalib/jffi-Darwin.jar; dist/bin/jython -Dpython.verbose=debug
[21:37] <varialus> Yes, it wasn't useful, one sec, I'll try again.
[21:37] <pjenvey> ok
[21:38] <pjenvey> that gave me a stack trace and
[21:38] <pjenvey> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not locate stub library (/jni/Darwin/libjffi-1.0.jnilib) in jar file
[21:40] <varialus> I did get something interesting this time.
[21:40] <varialus> Failed to load native POSIX impl; falling back on Java impl. Stacktrace follows.
[21:41] <varialus> I have updated to newer jffi libs
[21:41] <pjenvey> make sure there's one for your platform and that it's not an empty jar (i know we have some empty jffi jar files)
[21:42] <varialus> Where do we store the native jars, I just grabbed the java jars for each platform.
[21:43] <varialus> Or should I just have grabbed the native instead?
[21:43] <varialus> I'll take a look at them.
[21:43] <pjenvey> they're in extlibs/ then they're copied to dist/javalibs
[21:43] <pjenvey> in fact we hardcode the jar paths in build.xml for some reason
[21:44] <pjenvey> if they changed or something, that needs to be updated. make sure they all end up in dist/javalis
[21:44] <pjenvey> libs
[21:48] <varialus> Oh, nevermind, I did get them. I got confused because I think they changed how they package them.
[21:48] <varialus> They have the individual jars, but they also have jffi-1.2.2-native.jar
[21:49] <varialus> and this new native.jar contains all the individual native libraries in one jar.
[21:50] <varialus> I guess I'll try with it. And maybe its canonical name changed, so I may need to find old references.
[21:51] <varialus> Although... from the looks of my stack trace, I don't think that's the issue. I think it just has a argument error and I might have seen a patch for it on github.
[22:06] <varialus> I think this will fix my current issue. https://github.com/jnr/jnr-posix/commit/358fc0ea9b22558a49876db04be8ff3770682245
[22:13] <varialus> Yay! I fixed it! I had just forgotten to delete one of the outdated jars and it was somehow still being used even though I had updated the name in the build.xml.
[22:13] <varialus> I have gitpid too!
[22:13] <varialus> I'm guessing that the other work around I did is probably also fixed.
[22:17] <varialus> The umask doesn't seem to work properly, but at least os now has the attribute, it accepts an int and returns 0. Not too shabby.
[22:30] <varialus> Should I commit the individual native jars or the combined native jar? I'm not sure whether the combined native jar is new or not.
[22:32] <wmeissner> in general, commit the individual native jars
[22:32] <wmeissner> that way, when new native jars are built for platforms, you only need to update that one jar, not the whole lot
[22:32] <varialus> Ok, sounds good.
[23:22] <varialus> Woot! Just made my first real pull request on bitbucket!
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