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[11:26] <sledges> hello
[11:28] <sledges> trying to run jython interpreter and import sikuli, this is what I get: http://pastie.org/4001101
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[12:00] <saper> sledges: some .so shared library seems to be missing/not on java.library.path
[12:00] <saper> /home/test/ui-tests/setUp-tearDown.sikuli/:/usr/lib/jni seems to be not enough
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[14:17] <sledges> saper: when I'd launch /usr/bin/jython instead, it messes up with classpath, cache, link path etc. variables, so no matter what you set-up, import sikuli will fail
[14:18] <sledges> so now I came up with a working /usr/bin/java -cp ... -D.... org...jython liner which brings jython prompt and import sikuli works !
[14:23] <sledges> to share the love:
[14:23] <sledges> http://pastie.org/4001960
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[15:22] <slestak_work> hi guys. have some feedback regarding alpha1 if any devs are in teh house
[15:23] <slestak_work> about to chcek the bug tracker to see if my issue is alreadu noted
[15:24] <slestak_work> i see it is. 1889 is my issue. cool.
[15:31] <saper> sledges: great!
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[17:10] <celebdor> Hello everybody
[17:19] <celebdor> I'm trying the 2.7 alpha
[17:19] <celebdor> It's really great :)
[17:21] <agronholm> good for you
[17:21] <agronholm> I can't use it yet, it has showstopper issues for me
[17:22] <celebdor> like ?
[17:22] <agronholm> celebdor: http://bugs.jython.org/issue1900
[17:23] <celebdor> Very similar use case as mine
[17:23] <celebdor> :)
[17:24] <celebdor> I'm extending another interpreter written in java by giving access to python methods
[17:28] <celebdor> agronholm: The difference is that I use a PythonInterpreter instance to use the imp
[17:28] <agronholm> it shouldn't matter
[17:28] <celebdor> No crash then, fortunately
[17:29] <agronholm> this worked fine with 2.5.2
[17:29] <celebdor> although I'm experiencing some strangeness with the imports
[17:29] <celebdor> when I reload a module
[17:29] <Thunderbird> is anyone familiar with jython's socket code? I'm getting java.net.NoRouteToHostExceptions
[17:29] <celebdor> if methods have been deleted
[17:29] <Thunderbird> looking at the code that exception isn't mapped
[17:29] <celebdor> they are not lost
[17:30] <celebdor> but if methods are added, it works well
[17:30] <Thunderbird> I wonder if there is a reason why it isn't mapped yet, it feels like it is something about anyone using sockets would have seen
[17:30] <celebdor> I haven't had time to look at the code yet
[17:32] <agronholm> celebdor: how exactly are you using imp in your app?
[17:33] <celebdor> from the pythoninterpreter
[17:33] <celebdor> imp.reload
[17:33] <agronholm> but I'm doing imports
[17:33] <agronholm> afaik there is no other way to do that from java
[17:34] <celebdor> mm
[17:34] <celebdor> yeah, probably not
[17:34] <celebdor> the imports I'm also doing from the interpreter
[17:34] <agronholm> so I'm still SOL until Frank fixes the imports
[17:35] <celebdor> so the difference
[17:35] <agronholm> you're importing from Python code
[17:35] <celebdor> is that I import the module using the interpreter
[17:35] <celebdor> and then I get the pyfunction
[17:35] <celebdor> using the pythoninterpreter.get
[17:36] <agronholm> I used to do that but I wanted a straight path without going through the pythoninterpreter
[17:36] <agronholm> seeing as how imports are slow enough as they are
[17:36] <celebdor> yes
[17:36] <celebdor> I have to admit that it is indeed sluggish
[17:36] <celebdor> ;)
[17:36] <celebdor> but I have some code I took almost straight form 2.7
[17:36] <celebdor> *from
[17:37] <celebdor> I wouldn't want to backport to avoid a second of startup :P
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[20:47] <agronholm> fwierzbicki: I read your note
[20:47] <agronholm> any reason it'd do that on your end?
[20:47] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: that was fast :)
[20:47] <fwierzbicki> I guess I could have pinged you here
[20:48] <agronholm> well, I got the automatic mail and thunderbird notified me
[20:48] <fwierzbicki> ah
[20:48] <fwierzbicki> let me make sure I am running the test in a reasonable way:
[20:49] <fwierzbicki> I am setting my classpath to:
[20:49] <fwierzbicki> export CLASSPATH=/home/frank/hg/jython/jython/dist/jython.jar:/home/frank/tmp/imp/ImportTest/src/
[20:49] <fwierzbicki> then running
[20:49] <fwierzbicki> java -Dpython.path=/home/frank/tmp/imp/ImportTest/pysrc/ TestClass
[20:50] <agronholm> looks reasonable, though I'd still put it all on classpath
[20:50] <agronholm> but that shouldn't be relevant
[20:51] <fwierzbicki> I'll give it a try anyway
[20:51] <agronholm> why would you get an importerror from the first attempt to import testpkg.submodule?
[20:51] <fwierzbicki> no idea - it does seem odd
[20:51] <agronholm> when I run it, it crashes on the third line of test()
[20:51] <agronholm> as I noted in the source
[20:52] <fwierzbicki> yeah that's what I expected
[20:52] <agronholm> could this be jdk7 related in any way?
[20:52] <agronholm> though it wouldn't explain your troubles
[20:53] <fwierzbicki> oh weird - it works as you say when it is all on the classpath
[20:53] <fwierzbicki> I hate import :)
[20:53] <agronholm> haha
[20:53] <fwierzbicki> well at least I have it reproduced
[20:54] <agronholm> I don't think I can help you any further than this
[20:55] <fwierzbicki> and it fails on the latest 2.5 but not 2.5.2 so it is very likely that one change that I made - though I can't see how ATM
[20:55] <agronholm> I suspected that might be the case too
[20:55] <fwierzbicki> agronholm: sure - I have it reproduced so I should be able to work through it eventually
[20:55] <agronholm> ok
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[21:21] <pjenvey> wmeissner - did you see this? http://www.opengamma.com/blog/2012/05/25/jna-jni-and-raw-java-performance jnr-jffi needs moar jnr-jffi
[21:21] <pjenvey> er, it needs moar jnr-jffi
[21:22] <wmeissner> hmmm
[21:23] <wmeissner> jnr-ffi perf for some (most?) things will be the same as hand-written jni now
[21:23] <wmeissner> I thought JNA wasn't far behind with its direct bindings
[21:24] <wmeissner> even jruby's ffi is as fast as hand-written jni for integer-ish args (int, pointer, etc), when using jdk7
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[21:39] <pjenvey> nice
[21:41] <wmeissner> where is that guy's contact info (like an email address)?
[21:42] <slestak_work> should we all be using java 7? i still have 6 on most of my machines
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[21:43] <pjenvey> wmeissner - dunno
[21:43] <wmeissner> yeh, I can't see any
[21:43] <wmeissner> thought I was just blind :-/
[21:44] <wmeissner> slestak_work: java7 does provide some nice perf improvements
[21:44] <slestak_work> one of my machines I use jython on is aix, I consider myself lucky to even have java 5 on that pig
[21:46] <wmeissner> at some work places, java 1.4 is a luxury
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