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[1:42] <Arfrever> agronholm: Could you close issue #1802? Its reporter copied text from issue #1796.
[1:45] <agronholm> done
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[19:35] <varialus> Does anyone happen to know which tools would me be best for writing a module in Java and having it run in CPython and Jython? I'm not sure whether there is a best tool, but I noticed that there are other Java tools on Pypi, so I'm just curious if anyone has already looked into it. I can look into it if no one knows offhand.
[19:38] <saper> varialus: Java classes can be invoken from jython without much problem
[19:39] <saper> varialus: if you want to invoke Java from CPython maybe there are options like gcj (native compilation of java code) or jni, I'm not sure
[19:46] <varialus> So I've used an SFTP module called Paramiko. It currently only works on Python 2.x. I'd like to make its API work on Jython 2.7, and maybe eventually on Python and Jython 3.x, and maybe even make it installable without having to C compile on Python 2.x.
[19:47] <varialus> But it's not a high priority, just sorta brainstorming options at this point.
[19:49] <varialus> I'm just more familiar with Java than C, so having Python/Jython dependencies on jars and Jython makes more sense and seems more easily portable than C extensions.
[19:50] <saper> not sure what you are doing
[19:50] <varialus> jars and *Java
[19:51] <varialus> Just thinking, in general, if a module had a dependency on a jar, what would be the best way to write a module using that jar work in Python and Jython.
[19:52] <agronholm> perhaps you mean something by module that is something else than a Python module?
[19:53] <Arfrever> The minimal Java version for Jython 2.7 is 1.6 or 1.7?
[19:53] <Arfrever> s/1.6 or 1.7/1.5 or 1.6/
[19:53] <varialus> Well, I prefer to stick with Java 6 for as long as possible.
[19:54] <agronholm> java 6 is required for jython 2.7
[19:54] <agronholm> in fact there are problems with java 7 atm
[19:54] <agronholm> only if you compile on java 7 though
[19:55] <varialus> See, here's the thing. I like both Python and Jython, but I think that CPython modules are kind of a mess. Sure I can install them with some effort, but I don't like using a dependency that has to be compiled because then I know somebody else is going to have to go through the mess of C compiling the module.
[19:55] <agronholm> by modules you mean distributions?
[19:55] <agronholm> a module is a single .py file
[19:55] <varialus> Pypi packages
[19:55] <agronholm> a distribution then
[19:56] <varialus> Oh yeah, sorry.
[19:57] <varialus> I'd like the distributions that I use to either be pure Python or Jars because I don't want to depend on a C compiler.
[19:58] <agronholm> I've never seen jars used as part of a python dependency graph
[19:58] <agronholm> I don't think there is any way to declare such dependencies
[19:59] <varialus> Hmm, maybe a new project. Probably more than I'm ready to bite off at the moment, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind.
[20:24] <varialus> Doing some reading, JPype seems to be able to use jar files from Python. So I think distributions would be easier to distribute if they were either written in pure Python or written for both JPype and Jython. Of course I suppose expecting that CPython distribution be re-written is unrealistic. Maybe eventually Jython will be able to run CPython code. I though I heard whisper of that somewhere.
[20:25] <agronholm> jpype is dead?
[20:25] <varialus> Oh, I don't know
[20:26] <agronholm> oh, it got a new release last year
[20:26] <agronholm> but why not use py4j then
[20:29] <varialus> Yeah, Py4J also seems to be kind of what I'm looking for.
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[22:05] <varialus> It's not exactly what I was looking for, but execnet looks quite interesting. It lets ya run multiple interpreters, so if you wanted to write code that used a Jython dependent distribution and a CPython dependent distribution, you could use both and sync them together.
[22:11] <varialus> Actually, I think execnet could be used for Python implementation independent distributions. I might try it later.
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[22:15] <agronholm> try rpyc
[22:15] <agronholm> I made some significant contributions to it at some point
[22:21] <varialus> Thanks for mentioning it. At first glance it looks similar, but it's good to know about similar tools. Searching for execnet and rpyc turns up a lot of good info including other similar tools.
[22:34] <agronholm> iirc execnet is also gpl licensed
[22:34] <agronholm> you usually don't want taht
[22:34] <agronholm> *that
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