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[9:33] <kilon> aloha people
[9:33] <kilon> congratulation on jython 2.7
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[16:33] <iandalton> I wanted to fix some typos in the Jython Book and submit a pull request, but the source has two versions of every chapter. For example, there's DatabasesAndJython.rst and chapter12.rst. Which one should I edit? Or do I have to edit both?
[16:45] <jimbaker`> iandalton, this would be *very* much appreciated. i do not recall the details, but i think was inadvertent and part of final production. juneau001 likely has more insight
[16:47] <iandalton> Alright, I'll wait around for him :-)
[16:48] <jimbaker`> iandalton, it's pretty async here, that's for sure. i'll be right back (need to get some coffee), but definitely want to chat w/ you re the python bytecode support
[16:52] <juneau001> landalton jimbaker - Thanks for the help
[16:53] <juneau001> Use the DatabasesAndJython.rst, rather than chapter12.rst
[16:53] <iandalton> Alright
[16:53] <juneau001> If you look at the index.rst file, it lists all of the files that are pulled in to make the book
[16:53] <iandalton> it's an 'i' at the beginning of my name, btw :-)
[16:53] <juneau001> sorry
[16:54] <juneau001> :_
[16:54] <juneau001> :)
[16:54] <juneau001> I believe we used chapter1.rst, chapter2.rst, etc at the beginning until we decided upon Chapter names
[16:56] <iandalton> Instead of having both in the repo, why not have them get hg moved sometime in the project history?
[17:15] <jimbaker`> iandalton, sounds like a good cleanup plan. maybe just removed for now
[17:27] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: who have you been talking to to get commit access for us? I want to give Jeff Allen commit rights -- I haven't asked him if he wants them yet but I'm guessing he'll want them -- and maybe I can talk him into smaller pushes :)
[17:29] <jimbaker`> iandalton, seems just like a general problem with the import when working with pyc files. i will take a look at this in more detail soon
[17:41] <juneau001> iandalton: yes, good plan for cleanup. We certainly need to spend time on cleanup at some point.
[17:46] <fwierzbicki> juneau001: after some cleanup it will also probably be time to create a 2.5 branch with default being 2.7
[17:47] <juneau001> indeed
[17:47] <jimbaker`> it would be nice to update the book for 2.7
[17:48] <juneau001> yes it would
[17:48] <jimbaker`> one advantage of waiting on the python docs cleanup for jython is we no longer have to worry about backporting to 2.5 ;)
[17:49] <fwierzbicki> ha
[17:50] <juneau001> true, that is good
[18:23] <pjenvey> fwierzbicki - send their ssh keys to georg brandl. Don't forget to have them agree to send in the contributor agreement
[18:29] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: cool thanks - they already signed an agreement for the patches I've pushed :)
[19:08] <iandalton> jimbaker`: the pyc files worked fine once I compiled them with cpython 2.5 instead of 2.7
[19:08] <jimbaker`> iandalton, ahh interesting, so really it's a pyc update issue
[19:09] <jimbaker`> i was thinking it was a change in imports that's also been part of 2.7 work
[19:09] <jimbaker`> on the jython side, that is
[19:10] <iandalton> I haven't tested jython 2.7 yet. I might some time in the future.
[19:11] <jimbaker`> iandalton, ok. you will need to use cpython 2.5 with jython 2.5 for this use case. a future version of jython 2.7 will also support just doing this automatically as need (compiling to python bytecode), the infrastructure for this is slowly coming together
[19:12] <iandalton> yeah, I installed cpython 2.5 from a PPA
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[20:40] <fwierzbicki> jimbaker: oh nice - I did not know the pyc stuff was being actively worked on
[20:51] <Thunderbird> I'm trying to use the JythonObjectFactory example from jythonbook
[20:52] <Thunderbird> under the hood it uses PySystemState on which it looks up '__import__' and then it essentially does a '__import__ ModuleName'
[20:52] <Thunderbird> the module I'm trying to load is in my sys.path, but through PySystemState I'm not able to load the module, I always get a 'ImportError no module named..'
[20:53] <Thunderbird> from the jython console, the same code using '__import__' works fine
[20:53] <Thunderbird> is there any special requirement for PySystemState to load a module?
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[21:21] <iandalton> Does Jython 2.7 support multiprocessing?
[21:23] <fwierzbicki> Thunderbird: maybe if you could post a bit of code that causes the trouble?
[21:23] <Thunderbird> okay, let me create a few lines
[21:23] <fwierzbicki> iandalton: no - multiprocessing is a workaround for the GIL - in Jython you should use threading
[21:24] <fwierzbicki> iandalton: so says the author of multiprocessing :)
[21:24] <fwierzbicki> I asked him a few years ago
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[21:30] <Thunderbird> I have condensed the part of code from http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/JythonAndJavaIntegration.html 'JythonObjectFactory.java' to the not-working part for me
[21:30] <Thunderbird> this is the core
[21:30] <Thunderbird> http://pastebin.com/GNCTAgng
[21:30] <Thunderbird> on jython 2.7a1
[21:31] <iandalton> So I can just do something like:
[21:31] <iandalton> if 'java' in sys.platform: import threading; else: import multiprocessing
[21:31] <iandalton> ?
[21:33] <agronholm> which one would you use in your code then? threading or multiprocessing?
[21:34] <iandalton> Depends on if I'm running the code under Jython or CPython, right?
[21:34] <iandalton> Oh, I'd need an "as foo" in there
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[21:54] <iandalton> Pull request for jythonbook sent :-)
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[22:15] <fwierzbicki> my power just went out so I won't be here long -
[22:15] <fwierzbicki> Thunderbird: PySystemState should have a call to initialize() before it is used - that may be the trouble
[22:16] <fwierzbicki> it may be a bug in the book's code
[22:17] <Thunderbird> okay, will try that
[22:17] <Thunderbird> thanks
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[22:27] <iandalton> With Jython 2.7a1, how do I install PyPI packages, like SQLAlchemy?
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[22:55] <iandalton> I'm following the easy_install instructions at <http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/appendixA.html#setuptools>, and I get an ImportError: No module named pkg_resources <https://gist.github.com/2778349>
[23:04] <agronholm> iandalton: that page is outdated
[23:04] <agronholm> forget about setuptools, install distribute instead
[23:04] <agronholm> http://python-distribute.org/
[23:05] <agronholm> download and execute distribute_setup.py
[23:17] <iandalton> Same problem
[23:28] <agronholm> you mean the installation does not work?
[23:28] <agronholm> did for me
[23:29] <agronholm> wth, easy_install was not installed
[23:29] <agronholm> aah
[23:31] <agronholm> yup, I'm seeing the same problem
[23:32] <iandalton> For me, easy_install is installed (though it's not in $PATH). but I can't use it to install anything.
[23:32] <agronholm> it would seem like the import mechanism is broken
[23:34] <iandalton> I can import sys. It seems like jython can't find pkg_resources, which for me is at jython2.7a1/Lib/site-packages/distribute-0.6.27-py2.7.egg/pkg_resources.py
[23:34] <iandalton> What is it supposed to do, find everything under site-packages and its subdirs?
[23:35] <agronholm> no, it will look into the .egg directory because it's in easy_install.pth
[23:35] <agronholm> or at least it's supposed to
[23:35] <agronholm> .pth files are special to Python
[23:38] <iandalton> The .pth files are in jython2.7a1/Lib/site-packages, which isn't in sys.path
[23:39] <agronholm> that is curious
[23:40] <agronholm> most likely the reason why it fails
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[23:42] <iandalton> Looks like sys.path doesn't matter; sys.prefix does, and it should find the .pth files, I think: http://docs.python.org/library/site.html
[23:42] <iandalton> well, maybe
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[23:43] <iandalton> it says lib/python|version|/site-packages but Jython has Lib/site-packages
[23:46] <iandalton> yeah, it's not looking in the right places
[23:47] <agronholm> well, Frank can figure this out
[23:49] <iandalton> Heh, I was going to file a bug report, but it seems someone beat me to it
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[23:59] <fwierzbicki> yes import is busted - I'll need to put out a 2.7a2 already - the issue is a dumb mistake on my part in site.py that is fixed on tip


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