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[13:14] <pr3d4t0r> Good morning.
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[15:48] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: sorry it's taken so long for me to test your hg work... I have a question: if I do "branch 2.5" should the svn part (CPythonLib) also update properly? I seem to have trouble with that.
[15:49] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: and I don't think I've said this enough - I am so happy you are driving this!
[15:50] <fwierzbicki> oops got that command wrong - just a sec
[15:52] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: http://pylonshq.com/pasties/cf1d2b43ad6c9fda22e96430d68c30dd
[15:52] <fwierzbicki> I meant "hg update 2.5" of course :)
[15:53] <fwierzbicki> I use too many DVCSs
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[16:49] <fwierzbicki> so apparently I need to work on my hg skills as it looks like my attempt to add one word to a file resulted in 3 commits
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[17:03] <juneau001> fwierzbicki: just issue: hg commit -m 'message here' filename.ext , followed by: hg push ... that should perform a single commit
[17:03] <juneau001> well, a commit and push :)
[17:04] <fwierzbicki> juneau001: heh - I think my trouble is that I didn't do "hg update" first and fumbled the merge
[17:05] <juneau001> fwierzbicki: ah
[17:07] <juneau001> fwierzbicki: I live by this guide: http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/a-tour-of-mercurial-merging-work.html
[17:07] <fwierzbicki> juneau001, cool, I'll check it out for next time!
[17:07] <juneau001> I am sure you found that already, but just in case you have not it is helpful for reference
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[17:58] <pjenvey> fwierzbicki - sorry, uh
[17:58] <pjenvey> my last email somewhat mentioned that issue, it's an hg bug
[17:59] <pjenvey> so if the CPythonLib you're up'ing too differs from the current, hg barfs
[17:59] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: ah cool, just making sure it wasn't my setup/limited understanding of hg
[17:59] <pjenvey> only way around it right now is to move CPythonLib out of the way and rm .hgsub*
[17:59] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: ok, cool
[17:59] <pjenvey> in practice i'd recommend doing a hg clone the main the repo, and then cloning a separate repo for 2.5
[18:00] <pjenvey> hg clone http://etc/jython
[18:00] <pjenvey> then hg clone jython#2.5 jython-2.5
[18:00] <pjenvey> that second repo won't take up that much space, it'll be mostly hardlinks to start with
[18:00] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: ok, sounds good, I'll give it a try.
[18:01] <pjenvey> ohumbel - still waiting to get your key added, i'll let you know when it happens
[18:03] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: great, the clone method works just fine for me.
[18:04] <pjenvey> yea so say you have a bug fix that applies to 2.5. Make the change in the 2.5 repo first. Then when you do a 'push', it'll only go to your default repo
[18:04] <pjenvey> then you can merge it to default (or do a dummy merge if you dont want it on default)
[18:05] <pjenvey> then when you push from there, you'll push both at the same time
[18:05] <pjenvey> which is the way to do it, then nobody has to think about merging your stuff
[18:05] <pjenvey> (push both at the same time back to the main repo finally, I mean)
[18:07] <pjenvey> let me know if that doesn't make sense, i can elaborate
[18:09] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: excellent - I think what you are saying is the same as the CPython hg guide right?
[18:09] <fwierzbicki> so if I need elaboration I could RTFM :)
[18:10] <fwierzbicki> well except they don't have the svn problem
[18:24] <pjenvey> yep
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[19:53] <pjenvey> but I don't mind elaborating on stuff at all if anyone has questions, we have enough trouble writing the diffs themselves, having trouble actually committing them can get really frustrating =]
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