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[14:13] <mrud> hi i just stumbled upon a mail thread about jython for ipython is there somewhere something finished or does it not work?
[14:22] <agronholm> it should work
[14:22] <agronholm> does it not for you?
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[14:46] <howlymowly> hi poeple.. short question: if I import a native java library into jython, will that code have the same speed as if I used it from a native java app?
[14:50] <agronholm> code running solely within said library does
[14:50] <agronholm> going back and forth to jython decreases performance
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[14:56] <mrud> agronholm: aeh sorry didnt notice your answer, not sure how to test... will have a look ... if i start jython -i it starts the normal python prompt
[14:57] <agronholm> of course it does
[14:57] <agronholm> ipython is a third party library
[14:58] <agronholm> it doesn't integrate to jython in any special way
[15:01] <howlymowly> thx agronholm
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[15:12] <jimbaker> mrud, ipython almost works
[15:13] <jimbaker> you just need to apply a small patch to ipython so it uses os._name instead of os.name
[15:13] <mrud> agronholm: hm no it seems that i have some problem with my setup...nvm
[15:14] <jimbaker> too bad i was out of the loop with new company stuff when they put out the maintenance release of ipython 0.10.2
[15:14] <jimbaker> (yesterday marks 6 months at canonical for me)
[15:14] <mrud> jimbaker: hm sounds greats where can i get the patch or just replace all os.name with os._name?
[15:15] <mrud> jimbaker: grats :)
[15:15] <jimbaker> mrud, let me try digging up the patch
[15:15] <agronholm> speaking of which, I hope they can slip in a fix for the kernel 2.6.38 power consumption issue before releasing 11.04
[15:16] <jimbaker> agronholm, there are any number of bugs i hope get fixed :)
[15:16] <agronholm> any chance of ever getting a newer jython than 2.2 into ubuntu?
[15:17] <jimbaker> end of this week my team is officially part of the ubuntu server team, but we are focused on cloud computing
[15:17] <agronholm> ok
[15:18] <mrud> jimbaker: openstack et al?
[15:18] <jimbaker> agronholm, i did talk with the maintainer last summer... but yes, it's sort of ridiculous it's still 2.2. the key issues are breaking down the jar dependencies including jarjar stuff
[15:18] <jimbaker> mrud, exactly. i specifically work on ensemble (#ubuntu-ensemble) which is used to orchestrate scalable services for providers like openstack (once we support it)
[15:19] <jimbaker> currently we target ec2 and its api more generally; i believe eucalyptus is now working
[15:19] <jimbaker> openstack is a cloud provider we plan to support fairly soon
[15:21] <mrud> jimbaker: ah sounds interesting
[15:21] <jimbaker> mrud, here's the issue, http://bugs.jython.org/issue1133
[15:22] <jimbaker> http://bugs.jython.org/msg6190 is relevant - apparently this patch needs some additional work
[15:22] <jimbaker> but again, pretty minor stuff
[15:22] <jimbaker> mrud, if i recall correctly this means you can use ipython now, just not yet with setup.py
[15:23] <mrud> jimbaker: ec2 makes senses for the beginning i think as it is widely used and its easyer to start with it then deploy your own private cloud
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[15:24] <jimbaker> mrud, correct about own private cloud! what's nice about what we are doing is the intent to make it easy to move from one cloud provider to another. not to mention more easily test how your services integrate by using containers (notably lxc, which are very lightweight)
[15:25] <jimbaker> so you could potentially run your service stack on a laptop, without having to start up lots of virtual machines (and thereby killing your laptop!)
[15:28] <jimbaker> mrud, so please give ipython a try. i think we could readily get a ipython fork for jython together. and then merge it in later with ipython trunk
[15:28] <jimbaker> (ipython trunk requires at least python 2.6)
[15:29] <jimbaker> if they end up doing an ipython 0.10.3, then we would be ready
[15:29] <jimbaker> but it really needs someone to look at os integration issues to make certain all of that coolness of ipython really works, as opposed to just the readline emulation stuff i fixed
[15:29] <mrud> jimbaker: i think i should use ipython via virtualenv...i have some path issues if using ipython from my distri...
[15:29] <jimbaker> mrud, yeah, definitely do that isolation
[15:30] <jimbaker> as it is, you probably want to have it installed under something like ijython
[15:31] <mrud> yeah indeed, i never did use jython before...i have to send an rcv jms objectmessages ;0
[15:32] <jimbaker> mrud, the point of msg6190 is that the os._name fix is only necessary in a few places. otherwise one loses coloring, and you definitely don't want that ;)
[15:32] <jimbaker> mrud, sounds like a perfect usage of jython - you get to use python to work with the java env
[15:33] <jimbaker> agronholm, i'm hoping that our univ of colorado team can work on better java integration - it's really compatible w/ some of their research goals
[15:33] <mrud> jimbaker: yeah i startet a web app with django because of the admin interface ... and i want to stick with it instead of moving on to struts or something like that...
[15:34] <jimbaker> mrud, sounds good, django on jython definitely works well. juneau001 is very active in keeping current, especially since he uses it in production
[15:35] <mrud> yeah everything is there ... even db2 support ;0
[15:35] <jimbaker> btw, i don't know if i have posted this link here, http://gradual.colorado.edu/changes/?tre=10&rev=172%3A89ae8a5298797e4af0ecaaebd51b69d3c268&exe=2&env=gradual-server
[15:35] <jimbaker> this is the beginning of the real invokedynamic work
[15:36] <jimbaker> that's with just one optimization, of range/xrange... more to come
[15:37] <jimbaker> shashank will be working on this fulltime this summer, so that's great news
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[19:07] <juneau001> jimbaker: thanks for the kind words re: Django-jython
[19:07] <jimbaker> juneau001, well deserved!
[19:07] <juneau001> i appreciate it
[19:08] <jimbaker> juneau001, it would be interesting to play using d-j with ipython. i always felt that was a great combination (not to mention my first use of ipython)
[19:09] <juneau001> never used ipython myself
[19:09] <juneau001> sounds like an interesting combination
[19:10] <jimbaker> juneau001, we need a little bit of work to complete its integration w/ django, but shouldn't be much much
[19:10] <jimbaker> last i heard, django shipped its own version of ipython, but it's been a longtime since i worked w/ django
[19:11] <juneau001> jimbaker: sounds good! Let me know if you need anything done from the django on jython project
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[21:49] <slestak> hello guys. I am tryng to use a java binding to my db through jython and wonder if this is a problem. The file is distributed to me as asjava.zip. I think I had success with this a year or so ago, but I cannot remember if I had to unpack it to com.ibm.u2.asjava etc
[21:49] <slestak> can I import these in jython as a zip?
[22:04] <slestak> think i have it, getting fursther
[22:04] <slestak> further*
[22:28] <slestak> what is wierd is the jar is reporting back a version number when queried,
[22:29] <slestak> but instantiations of classes are getting a name error
[22:29] <slestak> can I pastebin this and discuss with someone?
[22:31] <slestak> i see


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