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[1:51] <pjenvey> fwierzbicki - heh, I noticed that too a couple days ago
[1:51] <pjenvey> i'll probably fix it when i commit the other abc changes
[1:51] <pjenvey> no worries
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[3:16] <fwierzbicki> Oti: since you are working on test_math - that would mean that you might be looking at http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3141/
[3:17] <fwierzbicki> Oti: I'm looking at __trunc__ to finish off test_int - but if you are already looking at that let me know...
[3:17] <fwierzbicki> since __trunc__ is in pep 3141
[3:18] <fwierzbicki> Oti: of course you are probably asleep right now :)
[3:20] <yyamano> pjenvey: here is the patch. http://pylonshq.com/pasties/145446070a06ec1e0f9304c72b3bf40c
[3:22] <yyamano> and here is the test python script: http://pylonshq.com/pasties/c053add04ae1993edd2f291f765eefec
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[4:38] <pjenvey> yyamano has ran into some really old, nasty things
[4:39] <pjenvey> like boostrapping problems with ExposedTypes
[4:39] <pjenvey> you always need to do dict.__setitem__("foo", Foo.TYPE) in module definitions to avoid
[4:39] <pjenvey> something I completely forgot about
[4:39] <pjenvey> and also the fact that you can't generate a derived class for static inner classes
[4:40] <pjenvey> nice little annoying things that remind me we need to better document bootstrapping issues like that, and remind me that our whole old gderived.py system still sucks =]
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[5:05] <fwierzbicki> indeed gderived.py is just terrible
[5:05] <fwierzbicki> I'm mucking with it now for __trunc__ and not feeling very happy
[5:06] <fwierzbicki> wondering if it would be a better use of time to make @anotations replace gderived.
[5:07] <yyamano> just filed. http://bugs.jython.org/issue1719
[5:08] <fwierzbicki> I always feel like I'm doing more anthropology than programming when I touch gderived/templates
[5:24] <fwierzbicki> although really we should just suffer through it and in 3.x we can switch to a MethodHandle based implementation.
[5:37] <pjenvey> yea, probably
[5:37] <fwierzbicki> ah crap, I see what I'm doing wrong - we probably need to put the number hierarchy in place before we can really implement __trunc__
[5:37] <fwierzbicki> I guess I'll leave test_int failing for now -- too bad it's only __trunc__ that I don't have
[5:44] <fwierzbicki> Oti: if you get into __trunc__ I've given up for now
[5:46] <pjenvey> i added those new ones CPythonLibs.includes, numbers.py, etc
[5:47] <pjenvey> s/ones/ones to/
[5:49] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: cool
[5:49] <fwierzbicki> pjenvey: though I have no idea how to get the registered Integral types recognized by derived types
[5:50] <fwierzbicki> probably too late tonight for me to start trying :)
[5:50] <fwierzbicki> anyway, I checked in the simple fixes for test_int - things like int("0b1111", 2) work now
[5:51] <fwierzbicki> good night all
[6:04] <Oti> fwierzbicki, yes i was asleep
[6:05] <Oti> my first goal is to get the nan/inf overflow failures passing
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[6:17] <pjenvey> fwierzbicki - oh, yes
[6:17] <pjenvey> you must need abc support
[6:17] <pjenvey> I think the numerical tower registers everything with ABCs
[6:17] <pjenvey> so, maybe i'll get that done tomorrow, and it'll help
[6:18] <pjenvey> Integral.register(int)
[6:18] <pjenvey> Integral.register(long)
[6:19] <pjenvey> ^^ at the end of numbers.py
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[6:32] <Oti> http://wiki.python.org/jython/RoadMap says: 'Require minimum Java 6' - do you all compile and test against Java 6 now ?
[6:34] <Oti> pjenvey - the Diablo HotSpot segfaulted at the bottom of http://bob.underboss.org:8080/job/jython/lastCompletedBuild/consoleText
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[7:20] <Oti> i already thought someone fixed test_math for me :-)
[7:35] <pjenvey> Oti - sweeeeet, re the crash
[7:35] <pjenvey> we talked about requiring java 6 last year, I think there was mostly a concensus about requiring java 6 for the next release
[7:36] <pjenvey> I am +1 on it now for sure
[7:36] <pjenvey> and FYI, it's really late here but yyamano just got some preliminary encoding or decoding of japanese glyphs in jython
[7:36] <pjenvey> (after dealing with some lame problems for a few hours)
[7:36] <pjenvey> great way to end today. it was actually using the public codecs api to do it and everything, really cool!
[7:37] <Oti> cool!
[7:37] <Oti> good night (and i completely agree on java 6, don't get me wrong)!
[7:38] <pjenvey> =]
[7:38] <pjenvey> I didn't actually chime in on it when we discussed it, but a year later, totally +1
[7:39] <agronholm> what are the benefits
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[7:40] <pjenvey> really just better implementation wise, we have some stuff working now only on java 6
[7:40] <pjenvey> we include a xerces jar for elementtree support in the distrib, we could get rid of that with 6 minimum
[7:40] <Oti> agronholm - removal of workarounds, security (you cannot download newer versions of 1.5 for free, ....)
[7:40] <pjenvey> unicodedata relies on some 6 features IIRC
[7:41] <pjenvey> yea 5 is pretty old now
[7:41] <yyamano> pjenvey: thank you so much for your help. I'm going to bed.
[7:41] <Oti> [ need to drive to work - see you ]
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[7:41] <pjenvey> i need to go to sleep too
[7:41] <pjenvey> night yyamano, awesome work man
[7:42] <pjenvey> agronholm - Alice showed me some of the stuff you guys have been up to, pretty cool, i'll have to look at marrow more
[7:43] <agronholm> thanks
[7:43] <agronholm> marrow.mail is shaping up to be a pretty good mailing lib
[7:43] <agronholm> it'll even support Amazon SES for EC2 deployments :)
[7:43] <pjenvey> nice
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[8:12] <asdgjojr> excuse me
[8:13] <asdgjojr> i am having trouble with using jython 2.5.2 REPL in windows xp
[8:15] <asdgjojr> if i put a statement that contains one or more string literal in the REPL, the REPL behaves weirdly. it waits for the end of the statement forever.
[8:16] <asdgjojr> is that a known bug? or am i missed something?
[8:18] <agronholm> REPL?
[8:19] <asdgjojr> yes
[8:19] <agronholm> what is that
[8:20] <asdgjojr> the interactive thing when i type "jython.bat"
[8:20] <asdgjojr> read evaluate print loop
[8:20] <agronholm> well it seems to work fine on Linux at least
[8:20] <agronholm> I don't have jython installed on Windows
[8:21] <asdgjojr> oh
[8:22] <asdgjojr> thank you for your help
[8:23] <asdgjojr> i think i found the cause
[8:24] <asdgjojr> i changed the encoding from cp949 to cp437, and it works well now.
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[9:50] <lahwran> so i would like to use jython to call a python script and grab the output
[9:51] <lahwran> I'm thinking it could call a function in the script and grab the return value
[9:51] <agronholm> like subprocess?
[9:51] <agronholm> use the standard library, Luke
[9:51] <lahwran> not sure what you mean?
[9:52] <lahwran> I'm in java code and want a java object representing the return of a python function
[9:52] <agronholm> I thought you had a Jython app and wanted to grab output from CPython
[9:52] <lahwran> nah
[9:53] <agronholm> just use either PythonInterpreter or the JSR-223 interface
[9:53] <lahwran> I wish I could, but unfortunately I can't count on people having cpython, while I can on java (this is for something already in java)
[9:53] <agronholm> this is a standard use case
[9:53] <lahwran> alright, I already was going to use PythonInterpreter, as I assumed a native interface will expose more
[9:53] <agronholm> documented too
[9:54] <lahwran> ^where the hell is that? :P
[9:54] <lahwran> google is not being helpful
[9:54] <agronholm> http://www.jython.org/jythonbook/en/1.0/appendixA.html
[9:54] <agronholm> err
[9:54] <agronholm> I meant to link you to the front page
[9:54] <agronholm> but whatever
[10:10] <lahwran> so can I do interp.get("x()")?
[10:10] <lahwran> where interp is a PythonInterpreter
[10:11] <agronholm> you'll probably want to cast that to a Java type
[10:11] <agronholm> with Py.tojava()
[10:12] <lahwran> interp.get("x()").tojava(Integer.class)?
[10:12] <agronholm> no, Py.tojava(interp.get("x()"), Integer.class)
[10:12] <lahwran> ah
[10:12] <lahwran> and that would work if I was using a java class on the other side?
[10:13] <agronholm> seems like interp.get("x()").__tojava__(Integer.class) should work too
[10:16] <lahwran> meh I'll come back to be annoying tomorrow
[10:16] <lahwran> too tired
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[18:08] <juneau001> Nearing completion with test_complex...running into an odd issue testing complex(1., float("inf"))
[18:08] <juneau001> Should return (1+inf*j)
[18:08] <juneau001> But returning (1+Infinityj) instead
[18:16] <shanka> Hi all, I'm trying to generate Java7 byte codes instead of the current Java5 that is generated by Jython. So I changed all the Opcodes.V1_5 to be Opcodes.V1_7 (there are two cases one in ClassFile.java and another in Exposer.java) and added the appropriate jars (the new asm beta 4.0 jars)
[18:16] <shanka> but when building my Jython workspace, it seems to fail at the jycompile step with a VerifyError
[18:16] <shanka> more specifically: java.lang.VerifyError: java.lang.VerifyError: Stack map does not match the one at exception handler 548 in method codecs$py.read$36(Lorg/python/core/PyFrame;Lorg/python/core/ThreadState;)Lorg/python/core/PyObject; at offset 501
[18:17] <Oti> juneau001 - it could be that Infinity is the toString() of java.lang.Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY, and inf would be float('inf')
[18:18] <Oti> maybe you are testing string values instead of float values ? (just a wild guess from my recent work on the math module)
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[18:19] <shanka> the complete trace is here: http://pylonshq.com/pasties/0f2b837dbd286d120eabf17821296f0d
[18:19] <shanka> i'm trying to google but I'm not able to find good resources.
[18:19] <shanka> could you please point me in the right direction. Any insight would be useful.
[18:20] <juneau001> Oti: thanks for the hints! Will try
[18:20] <juneau001> to look into that
[18:22] <juneau001> shanka: Sorry, but I don't think I can help you with that one
[18:23] <juneau001> Not at the moment anyways...no time to investigate right now.
[18:23] <shanka> juneau001: that's all right.. i'll keep googling.
[18:24] <juneau001> shanka: I'd have to do the same for that one...sorry I don't have time to work on it right now and help you out
[18:24] <shanka> juneau001: no problem, thanks anyways
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[18:48] <jimbaker> shanka, interesting issue
[18:48] <jimbaker> you might want to ask on #jruby
[18:48] <shanka> jimbaker: yeah i had not cleaned my workspace fully in a while. Just today I did a complete clean to test if everything was working and ran into this issue.
[18:48] <shanka> mm ok i'll do that
[18:49] <jimbaker> shanka, makes sense. i actually like running in that partial mode you're describing
[18:49] <jimbaker> it allows for more stuff to work, at the compromise that i need to keep in mind that stuff may randomly break
[18:50] <shanka> jimbaker: yeah. the issue seems to be that the new verifier doesn't like the byte code that is generated somewhere
[18:50] <jimbaker> this becomes particularly important in the bootstrap problem, where you need some parts of jython to work
[18:51] <jimbaker> iirc, you can simply turn off the verifier with a command line switch
[18:51] <shanka> mm i could try that.. there is a -noverify for the jvm
[18:53] <jimbaker> shanka, yeah, that should be it
[18:53] <fwierzbicki> There is some support in asm for doing extra verification - pjenvey has a blog post that includes some discussion on that: http://dunderboss.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-01-15T17:21:00-08:00&max-results=7
[18:54] <fwierzbicki> In particular he uses CheckClassAdapter -- with a link to the docs here: http://asm.ow2.org/doc/faq.html#Q4
[18:54] <fwierzbicki> shanka: ^^^
[18:55] <shanka> fwierzbicki: thanks, this is helpful!
[18:55] <fwierzbicki> shanka: no problem!
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[19:09] <shanka> jimbaker: the -noverify trick worked! I will finish up with my current work and later look at why we got the error in the first place.
[19:19] <jimbaker> shanka, sounds great!
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